USA: 195 West First Street, Mt. Vernon, NY, 10550
Ghana: Ashaley Botwe Old Town Down, Oko Ashaley Street,


USA: (+1) 914 663-0026
GHANA: (+233) 0244780205, 0248819199, 0264666032

Dr. Dominic Newlove Allotey is a dynamic preacher and teacher with an extraordinary depth of knowledge and understanding of the principles of God’s word. His vision is to empower each and every believer, to live a victorious life, through Jesus Christ; to actualize their potential and tap into their God given talents for the purpose of edifying their own lives and glorifying God’s Kingdom. He is the head pastor of Living Faith Ministries International Church – Rhema House in Mount Vernon, New York and Living Faith Ministries Accra, Ghana –one church, in two locations. He has an apostolic anointing and widely teaches that the Word of God will never change but has the power to shift and change lives. 

Bishop Dominic Allotey was called into ministry in 1981 and since then, he has travelled to over 40 nations around the world, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the love of God and the ability of the Word to propel the believer into a life of freedom and success. Bishop occasionally recounts a trance he fell into as a young man where an angel entered his bedroom and opened his chest, then implanted a bible into him. Bishop Allotey is not only a minister and preacher of the Word of God, he is also a studied, tested and approved historian of the Bible. His depth of knowledge of the Word of God is renowned and his expertise is sought after, worldwide.

Bishop Allotey received a mandate in 2020 to build a House for God in Accra, Ghana. In 2022, through the blessing and faithfulness of God, Living Faith, Accra Ghana was completed and serves as a beautiful beacon of the love of Christ for thousands of people. Its mission, above all, is to give hope to the hopeless, and empower local Christians through the teaching of God. Yearly, Bishop Allotey leads medical missions and brings health care professionals, ministers, and volunteers to help aid the poor, feed the hungry, care for the sick and share the Gospel. People come from near and far to receive medical attention and hear the good news of Jesus Christ

Bishop Allotey hosts the Conquest TV, which touches millions of people around the world. He began The Issachar School of Business to empower young people to channel their passions and creativity into successful careers and businesses, to help them become valuable members of the body of Christ, their families and their communities. He mentors leaders and pastors from all around the world on how to lead God’s people through faith, the Word and action. 

He and his lovely wife, Naomi have been married for 37 years and are blessed with four children, Sandra, Veronica, Joshua and Joelle and new grandson, E. Judah Dominic.